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We are always accepting petitions for membership.

If you are interested in joining a similarly minded group, but are closer to Orange County, you might want to check out Twilight Spiral Coven. They are our sister coven and is centered in North Hollywood. If you are in Los Angeles or the Valley, you may want to look into our other sister coven, Coven of Midnight’s Flame.

To join Twilight Spiral Coven, you must first meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 21 years of age and older.
  • You must be a woman-born woman
  • You must be free of chemical illegal drugs.
  • You must have at least a basic knowledge of Wicca and Witchcraft.
  • You must be of an open mind, and be kindhearted.
  • You must be within driving distance of the Inland Empire area
  • You must be able to attend at least 85% of all meetings, classes, events, rituals and workshops.
  • You must have internet access, for most correspondence will be online.
  • If you have a mental illness, you must be undergoing treatment for the illness.
Joining a coven is a big step and a commitment, and should not be taken lightly. Take some time to think about it, and make sure that it is the path you wish to take.
The Membership Process

1) Fill out the petition below and send on to You may copy and paste it into an email.

2) If we believe that you may make a good match with our coven, the High Priestess or officers will ask you some more questions and may schedule a meeting with you. After the initial meet, if you are still interested in our coven you may be invited to join our congregational group the Shadow Sisters. The Shadow Sisters are invited to most all-coven meetings and sabbat circles, and communicate on Facebook.

3)  If you will be a good fit with our group, you’ll be invited to join our outer court and dedicate to the coven.

4) Outer Court members (Dedicants and Aspirants) will be expected to come to open esbats, sabbats, Wicca 101 classes, all coven meetings, and social functions. Outer Court members will not come to inner court meetings, working rituals, closed esbats and some in-coven trainings. Outer Court members will be invited to most camping trips and festivals. Outer Court members are expected to contribute dues (Sliding scale $5-20 a month). Outer Court members will take part in a dedication ritual. Dedication to the coven does not lock one into coven membership in any way, and dedicants are free to leave if they feel the coven is not for them after all. Likewise, the coven is free to release dedicants at any time, if they feel as though the dedicant will not be a good fit.

5) Outer Court members may be invited to join the Inner Court, and if so, will be initiated into the coven, earning the first degree in the Twilight Tradition.


So, that’s a lot of words. What is the time commitment really look like?

As a dedicant, you’ll be required to attend dedicant classes (~2 hours each), which are usually on a weeknight. Probably 2 classes per month- they tend to run every other week. You’ll be invited to our Sabbat celebrations (~4 hours), which are every other month, as well as our monthly all-coven meetings (~2 hours). As a dedicant, expect homework.

Our initiate priestesses attend esbat circles (~3 hours) once a month, inner court and all-coven monthly meetings (~4 hours) and sabbat circles (~5 hours). Priestesses also work on their degree studies as well as their emphasis, a specialty they choose.

The schedule for the year is laid out no later than November of the previous year. Attendance is important to us; we schedule in advance so that you may be able to also schedule your activities around coven events whenever possible.

All coven members are encouraged to have a healthy personal practice and to take outside classes.


Petition for Outer Court Membership

Please fill out and email to Chelsea-
Magickal Name:
[Which name do you want to go by?]:
Phone Number:
Astrological (Sun) Sign:
Rising Sign (if you know it):
How did you find us?
How long have you been studying/practicing a form of Paganism? Wicca?
Have you ever been in a coven before?
What’s your previous religious/spiritual experience?
Why are you interested in joining our coven in particular?
What’s your support system for your spiritual path? Do you friends and family know of your path? Are you out of the broom closet?
What are your (personal and spiritual) goals?
Do you work and/or go to school?
What do you do for work (if you have a job outside the home)?
Do you foresee any scheduling conflicts?
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What do you feel you would be bringing to our group?
What are your expectations of our coven?
Describe your knowledge of the following as learning, intermediate or advanced. (Advanced means that you could teach the subject in a coven class)
Herbs and their associations?
Candle and their associations?
The Sabbats, their associations and lore?
Crystalsand Stones and their associations?
Ritual crafting?
Ritual crafting for groups?
Moon Phases and their associations?
Full moons and their associations?
Days of the week and their associations?
Planetary hours?
Astrological signs and their associations?
Aspecting the Goddess?
Do you have a specialized area of study?
What parts of Wicca and Witchcraft are you drawn to?
Do you use magickal tools? Which ones?
Do you cast a circle? How?
Do you use an altar? If so, describe it.
Do you celebrate the eight Wiccan Sabbats?
Which catalysts have you used in the past? (ie: crystals, candles, herbs, oils, etc.)
Do you use a divination method? If so, which one(s)?
In your current practice, do you evoke the elemental quarters?
In your current practice, do you evoke the God/dess(es)?
Which pantheon(s) are you drawn to the most?
Do you have a matron/patron deity?
Do you practice skyclad? What are your thoughts on it?
Have you used drugs or alcohol in your practices?
Do you foresee yourself eventually wanting to be a leader in a coven?
Do you have any daily practices?
Do you enjoy singing?
Do you play a musical instrument?
Do you like to craft?
Do you have any other talents or interests?
What books would you recommend for someone starting out, brand new in the Craft? Or, if you are brand new to the Wiccan path, what books have you read and enjoyed?
Are you part of any meetup groups or other Pagan groups?
Are you involved in any local community service organizations?
Are you applying to join any other local covens (optional)?
Tell us anything else you’d like here:
Send this via email to Chelsea at

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