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Coven of the Gloaming Crossroads is a newly forming coven practicing the Twilight Tradition of Wicca. It is a hierarchical somewhat eclectic tradition. This will be the second hive from the original coven called Coven of the Twilight Moon. After the first hive, the original coven changed its name to Twilight Spiral Coven (the first hived sister coven is Coven of Midnight’s Flame) .

We honor both the God and Goddess in various forms from various pantheons, celebrate the Eight Sabbats and Full Moon Esbats and sometimes New Moon Esbats. The tradition has three degrees of initiation.

Having computer access is crucial as most of the communication between meetings is done via the internet. Dedicants attend a course every other week of 10+ dedicant classes, as well as our Sabbat and all-coven meetings/workshops.

If you are interested in joining us, we ask that you be a mature adult- 21+, be a ciswoman (women born) , free of illegal *chemical* drugs (pot OK, but not at events) , live within driving distance, are willing to make a commitment, and have some knowledge of Wiccan beliefs, values, and traditions- at least 6 months independent study time. Petitions are always accepted, but please make sure to read the bylaws before submitting your petition.

It’s suggested that you do not rely on public transportation while being part of CGC, as punctuality is important to us. We respect each others’ time and plan all events very much in advance. We don’t charge for classes, but we do collect monthly dues which are $5-$20 sliding scale. We use this money, along with our fundraising money for rituals, and other coven needs.

If you have questions on why we are women-born-women online, feel free to contact us. We aren’t anti-trans, but our focus right now includes things that women-born women (ciswomen) are born into, and as we are a family, we would never want to exclude any of our sisters. If you are a transwoman, and interested in future membership, feel free to petition and note that on your petition- we keep all petitions.

The bylaws specific to this coven are still being worked out, but to read the tradtion bylaws, please visit this web page. http://twilightspiral.twilightwicca.com/bylaws/

Most importantly is the spirit of support and sisterhood in this coven. Friendship, perfect love, and trust is what I would like to encourage and experience in a coven.

Contact Head Priestess Chelsea with any questions you might have.

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  1. Hello! My name is Wesley Rasmusson, I am a student at the University of Redlands currently taking a course about New Religious Movements. As a part of our final project, I proposed to my professor that I would interview individuals who represent different New Religious movements to understand more about them, and what their goals in religion are. If its possible, I would love to have a chance to sit down with a member of your organization to talk briefly about your group, and the peaceful practices of your faith. Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely

    Wes Rasmusson

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